Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some pretty stuff that will not go to waste! ;)

sketch # 17

Hi all! I hope you all are well. If you are a crafter and a facebook person, you may have noticed just a wee bit of excitement going on today over at the Paper Crafts Magazine page. You see, the magazine got over 2700 submissions for their upcoming sketch issue. Here are all 84 sketches if you want to see. I am sad because I was really hoping this would be my first publication, BUT :D I am confident that it will happen another time and the super good news is that you now get to see all my creations aaaaand you don't have to wait until June;) See? It's win-win, win for me because I have a super-duper easy blog post & win for you to see some cute stuff! It's really all good & since it was only my second time submitting, I am not too disappointed. 

Anyway, a blogger named Amber thought it would be fun to have a "rejects" blog hop & You have got to go over there and see some of the other beautiful cards that didn't make it.  I've decided with the late hour and the VERY long day I've had, that I will be "hopping" and commenting tomorrow! :)

Truly, it had to be tough for those editors to make those choices.  I mean, it's not only about the "best" cards, they have to make sure the sketches are recognizable, that products aren't being repeated and that the cards that are selected per sketch work well together on a magazine page. As a theater director, I know from experience how tough it is not to cast an actor who might be excellent but doesn't have the right chemistry with a co-star, etc. It's agonizing! So, I will not let this do any number on my self-esteem, I am moving forward & will keep submitting! :) I have put a caption on each card about what sketch it was for, check it!!! 

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
-TS Eliot

sketch # 36

sketch # 74

sketch # 70

sketch # 20

I hope you like my cards! Have a wonderful weekend! :) -Noelle


Sylvia said...

Noelle, your cards are so pretty.. so don't be too sad, they have been rejected! Another time one (or more) of your cards will be picked up.. I'm sure :)
{hugs} Sylvia

JOAN said...

Great cards!! And I agree with you, it's no an easy task to narrow so many cards in so little time.

SeattleStamper said...

Beautiful work! Keep on trying because you just never know and I love your style. I really love the starbucks card holder.thanks for sharing your creations.

Kristii said...

Noelle, your cards are beautiful!!!! I love them!!! I love your outlook and I know you will be published soon!!!!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Cute cards, that first one with the pocket is extremely fun, thanks for sharing!

sandee said...

Your cards are very pretty and you have a great up beat personailty, I am sure you will be published!

papertrails leaver said...

Outstanding cards! I keep going back to look at all of them! :-) Amy

Ashley Harris said...

Very cute cards!! Just keep trying!

Debbie Gaydos said...

These are all sooo cute! I love the bright and fun colors on the last one especially. Great job!