Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey all! I've got my little card done and I wanted to share my story with you, because all my friends on facebook were so excited about it:) It's one of those "the world is actually a good place and there are caring people out there" kind of story. 

So, Tuesday night I mentioned we ended up at the ER. Evan choked on (and ultimately swallowed) a toy. He is ok, thank GOODNESS, but it was a stressful evening to say the least. There was a time where they thought they might have to do emergency surgery & the entire thing was scary, oy. It can be really tough having a little one at home when there are two BIG brothers as well. It was a piece of my oldest son's Erector set that he got hold of. When my other 2 were little, they were both little, so we didn't own things like Erector sets in those days. Anyway, we'd been at the ER a little over 3 hours when we finally got the "all clear" to go home, instructions in hand on what signs to look for in case the toy perforated his bowel, SCARY! My hubby had taken the other boys home 2 hours before, so it was just me and Ev heading home a little after 7pm. We were both starving and I decided to pick up Chick-fil-A so we could eat and then I'd put him right to bed when we got home. CFA is always crowded, so there were several cars in line. I ordered our food and waited my turn. When I was second in line, I went into my purse to pull out my wallet. It was not in there. I started pulling everything out frantically looking for it, no wallet. I asked Ev, "did you take Mommy's wallet?" He said, "yeah, it on the floor." My heart sank as I remembered he'd been messing in my purse at the hospital. He must have taken the wallet out and it had left it on the floor. Now, I don't mind admitting to you that I almost burst into tears right then. We were both SO tired and hungry and the thought of driving all the way back to the hospital with a hungry, cranky, tired 3 year old who'd just spent 3 hours being poked and prodded was not at all appealing. I pulled up to the window, I started to explain to the teenager working the drive-thru window that I had left my wallet, I could come back and get the food, etc, I was so sorry. She smiled, she very kindly and respectfully said something like "No problem, we can take care of your dinner." I mean there was not a hint of disrespect or irritation in her voice. I started stammering "What, are you sure, I can come back..." and she smiled again and said "don't worry about it." and handed over our food.  I felt I'd met a real-life angel. As I drove back to the hospital with tears in my eyes, and a quiet, happy son who was eating his food, it was such a reminder of God's love for us. It gave me a feeling of complete peace. Maybe this story can give you that feeling as well. 

So, I just kept thinking I had to DO SOMETHING to say thank you to Chick-fil-A, so I made this simple card and told my story to the manager of CFA in it. I'm going to include some money so perhaps they can "pay it forward" in some other way. The card is a chicken with angel wings and a halo;) pretty simple, but I think it will work beautifully:) 

Peace to you today, wherever and whoever you are. Set your frustrations down for a few minutes and just feel held, taken care of, and loved by God. We all have our problems, our fears and our anger, but God is there, always, holding us:) 

xoxox, Noelle

supply list: patterned papers: OA, MME, Jillibean; angel wings brad: Oriental Trading; buttons, twine, and solid cardstock: SU!; oval cutter: CM; font for sentiment: Word for Mac

DUST IT OFF!: I've been giving a lot of lip service to my circle, oval and wavy cutters from Creative Memories, I just LOVE them! I've tried other circle cutters, but just don't like the way they work. I've had those blades and most of the guides for 10 years+ :) also I've had those angel wing brads a LOOOONG time and never used a single one! So glad to finally get to use one;) 


Beebeebabs said...

Such a cute card tfs!!

Jenny said...

Glad to hear your lil man is ok!! We've had our share of choking ER visit here too, so I know what you went through! Glad you explained the story, cuz I have no idea what Chick-fil-A is!! lol! It's so nice when people give a RAK! Pay it forward sister! :)