Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthdays are for eating cake! (TCPTUES)

Hey there papercrafting peeps! I am loopy, it's pushing 3am my time..... But I couldn't sleep, and I really am lucky that my insomnia usually gives way to a creative jag, otherwise, I'd probably never get anything done! lol;)

Anyhoo.... super excited about this sketch since I saw it! This is the sketch for TCPTUES144, check it out! I LOVE this sketch, it is too cool, great dimensions with lots of possibilities:)

Ok, the colors.... here is a convo with myself at 2am..... For arguments sake, let's say that Me#1 is the traditional me who loves blues and greens and Me#2 is the artist trying to stretch herself and become a better stamper.... ok, here goes....


Me#1: Well, this patterned paper I want to use has navy, orange, red, yellow, green and pink in it. Hmmmm... I think I will mat the circle in navy.
Me#2: WHAT?? Blue AGAIN? Honestly, Noelle, how about orange, or pink?
Me#1: PINK??? What? I hate pink!
Me#2: Ok, yellow then....
Me#1: NO, I'm going with navy, the light background of the patterned paper needs a dark color to contrast it.
Me#2: Fine.
Me#1: And for the main panel, green.
Me#2: Green, AGAIN?? Maybe orange instead?
Me#1: NO, orange is too loud, it needs to be green.
Me #2: Honestly, fine, blue and green again, gee you are soooo creative tonight. Lemme guess, you are going to stamp the presents in Versamark?
Me #1: Hmmmmm..... well......
Me #2: AT LEAST do that in navy for more interest.
Me #1: ok.
Me#2: And make the card base in dark red...
Me#1: ok.....

So, anyway, as you can see with all this arguing with myself, it's quite possible that this card IS "too loud." I used all the colors and it is bright, but I am ok with that (I think both me's are ok with it actually....) I took a little liberty with the sketch and made those linear pieces into candles instead. I layered my cake up in ALL those fun colors. This is a GREAT stamp to try this with, if you have it. You saw me do this before here, so check it out!

DUST IT OFF!: Mini heart punch makes great flames on your birthday candles!

Well, I should really try to get some sleep. I need my strength for the weekend and week ahead! have a stellar night! :)


supply list: solid cardstock on Cherry Cobbler, Not Quite Navy, Wild Wasabi, and Whisper White: SU!; stamps: TCP; markers: Copic & SU!; patterned paper: ki memories; heart punch: EK Success


Julie E said...

Love it! The card and the conversation - LOL. Fun colors :>)

Jenny said...

Cute!! I have a similar idea for making some candles 'brewing around in my head', but I've yet to get it out there! Great job- I can't believe you pulled this all together at 2-3 am!! Thats creativity teamed with an obvious addiction to stamping!! And both 'yous' rocked these bright colours:) Take care- hope you ended up getting some sleep...those boys can be tiring!

alma said...

Wow! Gives a whole new meaning to "Let them eat cake!" So yummy!

Joan Ervin said...

I just love your take on the sketch, Noelle and thanks for giving us a peek into your creative pathway to the final design...I do the same thing...LOL!!!