Friday, March 16, 2012

Milestone Can

Hi friends, I have been so so SICK, sorry for the lack of posts! I rarely get sick with much more than a cold, but my family has had a really bad run of it this year. My doctor says I have some sort of bad infection, they are still trying to figure out if it's strep or some weird strain of flu. Since I've never had anything like this before I was surprised, I've never had strep in my life. Either way, the fact that I went to the doctor VOLUNTARILY says something in and of itself, since I hate going there! Anyway I'm on antibiotics now, and my sweet hubby is taking care of me and the boys. But I wanted to share a quick project that I made a few weeks back. We recently joined a new church, and the couple who are our "sponsors" just had their second child. Pardon the quality of these pics! They were snapped late one Saturday night before we had to take this to give away! :( Photos taken in the night are never EVER as good as ones taken in natural light, I've found. Particularly with my crummy little camera! :(

I LOOOOVE these Milestone Cans, and often make them when I have a baby shower to go to, or a baby gift to give away. Wish I could tell you this was my original idea, but it's not. When Ev was born, my friend Kim gave me one of these, she said she had seen the idea online. I have no clue where. :( You can get the empty paint cans at Home Depot, they are about 5$ and the perfect size to hold a little outfit and a toy. Just use that super-sticky red tape and I use an old rounded tag punch to go around the handles. You will need two 12" papers to cover the outside of a gallon can. I try to cover one seam up with the poem. Here's a link to a girl-themed can I made on Splitcoaststampers a long time ago! ;) I was trying to match this card that I made last summer, since that's the card I gave to them. I added the baby's first name to the top with sticker letters. You can also do the baby's full name, weight, birthdate, etc. if you have that information. That's what Kim did on Ev's can, actually. :) These papers were in my stash, they are so cute, but REALLY old! here's some more pics:

I keep a ziploc full of ribbon scraps for these kinds of projects! I sort of hate to cut "fresh" ribbon when I just need a little! So, these are all scraps. I used the same trike stamp on the top of the can that I'd used on that card. You can also (and this is what Kim did for Ev) put the baby's name, weight, birthdate, etc on the top of the can. 

Well, that is all for me! Hope you are doing well. 

hugs, Noelle

supply list: DPs: The Paper Studio; stamp: Unity; ribbon scraps. 

DUST IT OFF!: Some old papers, a bag full of ribbon scraps and an old idea, still make a fun, fresh, NEW feeling project! :)


Patrice said...

This is a brilliant idea!

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

this looks really lovely, beautiful!

Anne Marie Hile said...

The sickies have been residing at our house as well this year...but it doesn't sound as bad as what you have been dealing with. Ugh! What gives? I sure hope you get to feeling better soon, Noelle. Sending good, happy thoughts your way! Hugs!

Love your project! What a fun idea! :)