Saturday, March 17, 2012

A leprechaun sized project and some St. Patrick's Day link love

Luck o' the Irish to you today, lassies, and laddies! What a time we've had here the last few days! I have strep throat for the first time ever in 37 years of life. Truly, I thought I was immune until Weds. night hit. By Thursday, I was fairly certain that death would feel sweet compared to the horrible throat pain and body aches I was feeling: YUCK! I even went to the dr. voluntarily, which I am not sure has ever happened before! So, long story short; I sadly didn't get all the great SPD ideas put together that I wanted to. I did get Ev to help me (ie, I supervised and he put together so I wouldn't spread my strep germs) these cute little "pots o' gold at the end of the rainbow" for him and his bros. Here's a pic:

Everything used is from the Target Dollar Spot, except for the Rolos, which are just from the candy aisle at Target. The little buttons were in a 6 for a dollar pack. The votive holders (which are way cute & I'm sure will use for something else) were 2.50 for a set of 3, and the rainbow candies were there, too. I would have liked to arrange these a bit cuter, but such is life when you are sick and your "big helper" is a 4 year old! ;) Anyway, having been sick, I have spent aloooooooot of time online, especially the last 2 days since I was contagious. (today, I get to leave my hole, yea!) ;) SO many cute SPD projects on Pinterest, I just wanted to spread some link love, since I have so little to show you today. Here we go!

The first one is "cereal"sly CUTE!I really wanted to do this for the boys, maybe next year! 

Super cute Leprechaun hats made from disposable food containers, clever, and cute! Could even turn these into hats for other occasions! 

Plaid sugar cookies in lieu of shamrock shaped cookies

Some different takes on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow sweet treat idea. some have printable tags!

and finally (if you're not sugared out yet!) a "lucky" twist on cookie bark, along with variations for different holidays:

If you'd like to see the ideas I'm "pinning" for Easter/ Spring goodies, you can see here at my Spring Things Board. Would love to have you follow all my boards here

I hope you have a very lucky day! I, for one, am just hoping to be lucky enough to get over strep! yucko! Have a very Irish day!



Annette said...

how clever are you...this is just adorable...i love your fun ideas...

kasia c. said...

Ooooooooh! This is so much fun! I love it.
I want to get my hands on those rolos and thoase yummy sour "rainbows" :)
Hope you are feeling better from your strep throat soon. It's nasty isn't it!!