Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extreme Easter Luncheon Invitation

Hi there! What a week! I don't know about you, but I have just been totally crazy/busy this week! Even more so than usual, since I was catching up after having been sick, and the boys had their last day of school today before Spring break, so I was trying hard to get stuff done, housework, laundry, and maybe even a few posts ready to go. They are off now, and I'm still only halfway there! Ack! They've been really good about helping and listening to Mom, though, so, I can't really complain. :)
This is for the Extreme Invitation Challenge @ Spotted Canary! If you go to that link, you can sign up to take a free online class, and enter your own "extreme" invitation! I had the idea to make a little Easter basket to put my egg-shaped invitation in. :) I added a few Easter Tree ornaments as extra "eggs." I did a complete tutorial on the Spotted Canary site, here. But I will give a you a quick basket overview, it's really pretty simple, like weaving a placemat when you were a kid. :)

Start with a 6" circle as your basket base. Cut 8 12" by 1 1/4" strips,
adhering them all in the center of the circle with staples.
You will end up with this octopus-looking thing.
Notice I said octopus, not any sort of insect with 8 legs.
Not that I have a problem with spiders.... unless I see one that is. ;)

Cut 10 more strips of the same size, staple two each together,
so you have 5 long ones.

Bend octopus legs vertically. Weave long strips, starting
from the center of the strip, so you can make sure and
hide the staples behind the woven part. 

When basket is 4 strips high, take any strips that ended
up on the outside, and bend them into the basket and adhere.
Trim off any strips that ended up on the inside, at the top. 

For handle, cut a couple inches off each end of remaining strip.
Then add border sticker to center of strip, to hide seam and staple. 

Attach handle to inside of basket with adhesive, and also secure by
punching a hole through basket and handle, and adding a decorative brad.

For basket filler, crimp scraps and cut with fringe scissors,
or use a paper shredder, if you can find yours. ;)

Line basket with tissue paper to prevent basket filler from falling
through the cracks.

The invitation was printed out, and the stamped banners were added. The crosses on the ornaments were stamped on kraft, fussy cut, and colored with chalk markers. I thought the wreath stickers, reminded me of the thorny crown that Jesus wore when he was crucified, so I adhered those to the top of the crosses. 

as I mentioned, a complete tutorial, and supply list is at my Spotted Canary post. Thanks for popping by! 

xoxo, Noelle


Sam Wright said...

Wow this is awesome! Great job I love them!!

Annette said...

wow you are so creative...i totally love this...what a fun little tutorial...thanks for sharing..

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

wowie this is really lovely!

LeAnne said...

Jaw-dropping incredible! Love it! Thanks for the tutorial! I would love to know where the "easter" sentiment came from...or did you whip that up yourself, miss crafty?

~Tammy~ said...

This is sooo sooo amazing! A lot of love went into this project and it sure paid off! I know you are proud!!! Beyond beautiful!

frances joy said...

soo lovely :)