Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SWAP goodies :)

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts. 'Round here I've been a lean, mean, cleaning/organizing machine! I've cleaned and organized my pantry, my fridge, and one of those really AWFUL kitchen cabinets. You know the kind where you open the cabinet door while simultaneously protecting your head with the other hand, so whatever falls out doesn't hurt you? Yep, one of **those** kind of cabinets. I've been doing a LOT of organizing lately, and (while secretly I'm an organizing freak & I LOVE any excuse to come up with a new system;) it makes our home so much more usable for EVERYONE. Which is really nice :)

I got a "happy package" in the mail the other day & I wanted to share :) The group over at colourQ decided to do a SWAP with each other. Not to buy anything, but just to share things from your stash with someone else. It was a fun idea that Anita had! In all my years and years doing this, I'd never done a SWAP before! So, this was pretty fun for me! I sent a package to LeAnne. And, the other day, I got this VERY COOL collection of goodies from Kara! As that old slogan goes "it's new to you" and I am really excited to get playing with these fun things! 

Well, that's all for me today, I have a really neat home improvement project to show you soon! And, I'll take a break from organizing and projects around the house, and get back into my studio to play with stamps and paper soon! 

Have a great one! :)

hugs, Noelle

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Annette said...

What a fun idea...and it looks like you got some cute stuff...
When you are dong cleaning your house come clean mine pleaseeee. I have a kitchen pantry like you discribed and i really try to avoid.. Good luck