Friday, September 23, 2011

Sure, "owl" decorate! ;)

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am not a seamstress! Nor do I claim to be one, so please pardon any rookie mistakes I may have made with this project! ;)

Hey there all, hope you are doing well today. I bought this fabric a couple weeks ago with the intent of making a new Fallish/whimsical table runner for my dining room. I was BOUND and DETERMINED to not let this fabric go by the wayside & forget about it! ;) I really don't care for this table, it was a hand me down from my Mom & (while definitely an improvement from the air hockey table that sat there for 2 years!) it's old & really not my style. So, I always try to make up for that with cute table linens, etc. I altered my boring tab-top curtains about a year ago & made a runner to match. When the runner got thrown in the wash after a recent dinner party, it got ruined. So, I wanted to make a new one & I really wanted a sense of fun in this room! :)

As I announced above, I am really not a seamstress. I do have a machine & I can sew a straight line, but, that's really all. However, through the years I have used my machine to make lots of valances, curtains, pillow covers, etc. So, if you are a professional or experienced seamstress, please try to ignore my screwups. ;)

When I went to school for Interior Design, I got pretty good at figuring yardage for projects. while at the fabric store, I realized that if I just bought an extra half yard of this fabric, that I would probably be able to make some pillow covers, too. So, I did using single strips of fabric & making a sort of "pillow envelope." 

A little sad that I didn't get the pattern to line up on the pillow front, see these are the kinds of things that set a professional apart from me! Also had planned on using some pretty brown buttons that I'd never used on my curtain project, but even though I made the largest buttonholes that my presser foot would allow, they holes were too small for the buttons. So, I found these green ones in my stash, and I think they add to the happy, fun feel I was going for. Also, the original pillow with the original upholstery is still inside, easy to pull out and use just the way it was before, if I don't want these on all the time.

I found these fun tassels on sale at the store where I got this fabric. And, as you can see, I even found a use for those brown buttons after all! I hope you have a great weekend! 

hugs, Noelle


DAWN Braun said...

stinkin' CUTE!! Love your little envelope pillow shams! :) Great job!

Kara said...

Love your projects!! That fabric is too cute!!

Annette said...

oh wow... you go girl... very cute and I love those owls...

Anne Marie said...

Oh my goodness, I just saw an owl patterned pillow on Pinterest but yours TOTALLY trumps it! Absolutely love the envelope design and that fabric is adorable. Love it!