Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fits to a "Tee" challenge

Hi there! Wanted to share a quick, non-papercrafted project that I made today. :)

I wanted to participate in the "Fits to a Tee" challenge, at one of my fave websites, the Spotted Canary. If you go to this page, you can sign up to take the online class, it's a series of 8 minute videos to watch at your convenience. I couldn't find the cute flower kit where you could make your own flowers for your projects, so I used some premade felt flowers. I cut my gray tee into strips, braided, and stitched the two ends together. Then I stitched on the two flowers. SUPER quick and easy project & with my mane, I can always use a stylish way to keep it out of my face! LOL! I'm also thinkin' that these could be fun, cute, cheap and easy Christmas gifts for some of my buds this year. :) Maybe these or the cute bracelets they show in the video. :) 

That's it for me!! TTFN, will be back soon! :)

xoxox, Noelle

supply list: Jolees felt flowers; gray t-shirt to cut up, needle and thread.

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Anne Marie said...

I LOVE this headband, Noelle! Just fabulous! :)