Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Autumn :)

Happy Autumn! Ok, I know it's not officially autumn until the autumnal equinox, BUT the CO weather has seen an abrupt change in the last few days! We went from a constant stream of 90s to 60s and 70s over the weekend. And, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes have arrived at Starbucks. And, I spent some time this weekend putting up my Fall decorations, which, as a former Interior Design student and merchandiser, makes me VERY happy :) I am kind of a freak when it comes to holiday/seasonal decorating. Holy cow, it's kind of a hobby, though I'm sure some of my family and friends would say "obsession" LOL ;) Anyway, I hold out until the beginning of September & then I go to town. I layer in the Halloween decorations come late September/early October. 
So these pictures here are of my new autumn display I did this year. My hubby built me that pretty white mantel last Fall (the original mantel is still there, it was just that drywall "bump" you see below the crown moulding) and it made my mantel about twice as deep, so I can put things up there, without them falling down. I saw a GORGEOUS display at this fabulous home store that is about an hour from my house. It's called Cozy Cottage (that is a link to their facebook page where you can see pics). It's a little on the high end side, and my taste tends to be a slight bit more "clean" than the uber-rustic feel the store has, but it does have darling accessories and a wealth of awesome ideas. I saw a very similar display to the one I did there, and I saw these adorable grubby lights, which have silicone dipped bulbs, so they look like little candle flames, very pretty and fall-like. If you want some, I will tell you they are far cheaper online, and there's even tutorials to learn how to make your own. I decided it was just easier to order them this time, as I have about 4 other home projects laying in wait, a birthday party and another event coming up, I am too busy! 
So, the display consists of a grapevine garland, a "silk" autumn garland (which has acorns and almost some pine looking boughs on it, very pretty), some sprigs of "berries," and the grubby lights. Then I layered in some pumpkin candles and an little sign I had that says "autumn." See, I told you when I started this blog that there would be some home decorating stuff on here. It only took me 2 years to make good on my promise, but I do have some other upcoming fun projects to show you, too :) I have a Halloween card to show you as well, but this has gotten SO long, I think I'll put it in a separate post. Happy Fall! 
hugs, Noelle

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