Monday, April 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing very well today! My sweet friend Sylvia left me this blogger award! My first ever:) Thanks, Sylvia! So, I guess the deal is, you pass the award on and tell eight things about yourself. 

I would like to pass this award on to: Berenice, Arielle, Jenny, Rochelle, and Kim.

Berenice is one of the first people I didn't know who started following my blog, which gave me a huge vote of confidence! Berenice comments a lot, which is so sweet! She is kind and very creative, and I love the work she does for Karber

 Arielle is an amazing artist and also draws her own line of beautiful digi stamps, The Wax Fruit Company. She started and mediates the colourQ blog where I am a DT member, so, she was the first one to give me a shot at being a designer, and I truly LOVE working for CQC,the challenges ROCK & the whole team is very friendly and fun.

Jenny started blogging right around the same time as I did, and, also like me is a proud mom to 3 boys (we moms of 3 boys are a small club, I say). She has been named "Swanky Stamper of the Month" at The Cat's Pajamas a swaggering 3 times, and she earned it every time, her work is truly a cut above, amazing! 

Rochelle is another DT member of mine at CQC! Once we got chatting, we realized that we both live in CO! Rochelle is a digi scrapper, and her pages have the depth and detail that I love to use on traditional pages! She is very talented:)

Kim is a new blogger, a super experienced designer, and a very good friend of mine. When I used to be an SU! Demonstrator, Kim was my "upline" and we are still fast friends. She's only blogged a few posts so far, but I predict that once she gets going, she'll be VERY popular, she has such a pretty, feminine style.

So, eight things about me..... 
Well, the 1st is that I have a Christmas birthday, yes, actually on the 25th, and that's why my name is Noelle. 
The second is that, when I was little girl, we were an Air Force family, and I lived all over the US and also in Germany, in fact I moved six or seven times before my 9th birthday. 
#3 is that I live in CO and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, travel is fun, but no matter where I go, I'm always glad I live here. 
The fourth is that I married the guy I started dating when I was 15, and we've been together ever since. The best decision of my life was sticking with this sweet, loving, and supportive man!
Number 5: I have a HUGE family, a brother, a sister, 2 stepbrothers, 3 stepsisters and a SLEW of nieces and nephews. Holidays are always a BALL & usually hosted at my house! 
6: I love home decorating! I'm a DIY Diva and even once cut a sofa in half, reupholstered it, reattached the arm, and turned it into a large armchair! I actually worked in the Interior Design industry for 4 years and have several credit hours towards a degree in the field. I'm about as passionate about fabric as I am about paper! Since I love it so much, I'm a major "seasonal decorator" and have loads of holiday decor items that are seasonally switched out. A project I'm currently working on is a 12$ salvaged door that I'm turning into a headboard for our bed. When I started this blog, I intended to focus on Interior Design as well as papercrafting, so maybe one of these days I'll get around to that too. 
Lucky seven: I am super speedy crafter, and I can usually finish a card in 20 minutes and a 12" page in less than 45. 
Finally, number 8! My **not so secret** dream is to do this professionally, and work from home as a professional artist in the crafting industry. It could happen, right? 

Well, that's it for me today, thanks a million, Sylvia! I hope the rest of these gals will stop by and get their awards! 

Have a stellar day! -Noelle


Sylvia said...

I did not know we had a lot in common. I love fabric as well, that is where I get my cutting skills. My dad was in the Navy (not a career choice although he had 20 years at the same time he had a job) so we moved a lot when I was little. I was a fashion design major until I met my husband, a farmer, who got an engineering degree, so we lived all over the world as well. And last I love Colorado and if it were not for my health and no family, I would have died there as well, it is truly a piece of heaven to me! Congrats!

Rochelle said...

Oh thank you so much Noelle! You are so sweet! I am not usually good about posting things about me, but I am GOING to do this because it was so fun reading about you! :)