Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Einsteins Birthday Party Invitations

Hello there, all! Just popping in with Evan's birthday party invites. I CANNOT believe my **baby** will be four in a few weeks? How is that possible?

Anyhow, Evan is HUGE into the Little Einsteins right now. He was a MAJOR Elmo fan for years and about 6 months ago he flipped, Elmo is now only ok, and the Little Einsteins are SO COOL! For info/ideas from last year's Elmo party, go here. And, of course..... NO ONE, I mean NO ONE has Little Einsteins anything anymore! I guess their big years were 2008-09? Truly, obscure birthday party themes are kind of a tradition around here.... It's a good thing i'm a crafty mom & a huge birthday party junkie myself! ;) It seems that MOST years, my boys pick something that's just a little off of the hot trend of the moment, and then I have to figure it out..... Just between you and me, I secretly enjoy the challenge ;)

So, since it was literally impossible to find Little Einsteins scrapbook stuff, I decided to do something a little different & make a more "generic" invitation and cut puzzles from a computer printout. I printed 4 of these pictures per a single sheet of cardstock and cut them out with my puzzle die. I worded the invite like it was a mystery, and the kids will have to put the puzzle together to find out the party theme. My initial idea was to make the front the picture printout, put all the info on the back of the card and then cut the whole invitation into a puzzle, but my DH made the point that the kids will lose the pieces, and then the parents won't know when and where the party is! LOL. So, I heeded his advice and made the invitation separately.

I found some cute cabochons at Michaels; balloons and the musical notes which I thought really fit the Little Einsteins theme. I also picked up this cute dry embossed cardstock with the dots there, the dry embossing is subtle enough that I could run this through the computer! :) So, simple invite, layered cardstock in this Bazzill textured cardstock, and SU! cardstock in Poppy Parade and Summer Sun. Quickie invites, as I popped those cabochons on, and Voila! Done! :)
Well, I will keep you posted on my Quest to figure out the Little Einsteins birthday party! ;) Thanks to my middle son, Collin, I **DID** find party plates/blowouts/stickers for goodie bags at WalMart, then went back 2 days later to get some more and they had pulled it all of the shelves! Honestly! I'll have to "piece together my OWN puzzle" on this one! Have a great day :)

xoxox, Noelle

supply list: solid cardstock in Whisper White, Poppy Parade, and Summer Sun: SU!; puzzle make #2 die: Sizzix; musical notes cabochons: Jolees; balloon cabochons: Recollections; blue textured cardstock: Bazzill

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Annette said...

those are the cutest invites... He is going to love them. Sounds like he is going to have a super fun birthday...