Sunday, August 14, 2011


NO NEW PAPER WAS CUT IN THE MAKING OF THESE PROJECTS. There's my public service announcement for the day ;) Hey folks, how are you on this fine Sunday? Here's some goodies that were made entirely using.... drumroll please........ nothing but scraps! As you know, I dedicated the year of 2011 on paper&ICE to using up old products. When it comes to not wasting your money and your supplies, I'm a fan. :) "Scraps Day" was a term I came up with a few years back. Every now and again, I will challenge myself to make up several cards or projects using nothing but scraps! Sometimes I'll add the caveat of either old or yet-to-be-inked stamps to the mix. I will allow myself to cut the card bases, and or the base of the scrapbook page if I'm scrapping, but everything else MUST be old. Scraps & half used sticker sheets are your friends! I challenge YOU to have a scraps day sometime soon. You bought your supplies because you liked them right? I find that even though I may be wowed or excited by the latest and greatest goodies, I usually still like my old stuff just fine too. Another great thing about scraps day is I'll usually come up with a simple design, and end up shooting out several cards quickly! That's what happened today. Using tone on tone colors, and some punches and a couple older stamps, I got 5 cards done pretty fast! Don't you think these will be good for just about any event? I'm going to use 2 of them today for cousin and nephew birthday cards! Here's some closeups...

Oddly enough, I think the yellow one might be my fave :) 

Ok, next project, my cousin (well, actually my step cousin in law, LOL) asked me to make the tags for her daughter's birthday goodie bags. They were going with a dog theme, in colors of blue and brown. Again, I only used scraps, punches, a doggie die, and old twill tape, ribbons and fibers. I needed 20, so they all turned out a little different since I was using stuff up. Here's some of my faves: 

That blue denim "paper" on the two bottom right side ones is actually cardboard from an old sticker pack! I loved the pattern on it when I opened the stickers, so I threw it in the scraps bin, and lo and behold, was actually able to use it! Woot, woot! 

Well, that's it for me today. If you have a scraps day, leave a comment and link on this post & I'll come check out your scrappy creations! Have a stellar day! :)

xoxox, Noelle

DUST IT OFF!: It's ALL a dust off today, so much so, I don't have a supply list. 

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