Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids Art Center

Hi there! No paper crafts for you today, but I know that the organization posts have been the most popular I've written. Here and here they are if you are needing some crafty organization tips. Maybe I should include organization tips at the bottom of each page instead of "dust it off" tips! But still today's post is a bit different.... Being involved in theater for much as my life, as well as being a crafter for most of it too, creativity is HUGELY important to me! And, after having two little boys who just weren't all that into coloring, painting, chalk, etc., my 3rd son, Ev is HUGE into art! Super fun for him AND me! :) I have been meaning to put this space together for him for AWHILE! So glad I finally got myself together and did this! I have this very pretty curved staircase in my house. When we bought this house I thought I would put a pretty round table here, maybe some flowers, etc. But then cold hard REALITY kicked in, LOL! That may be a possibility for someday, but for now, while I've still got three rambunctious boys throwing balls, wrestling, and spilling all over my house.... well, I can just see that delicate vase getting knocked over and broken, as well as, the pretty round table getting colored on by Evan! I have a strong belief that kids come into your life and home, not the other way around, and even though we do have "nice" rooms in our house as well, I decided it would be better to turn this into functional, usable space, and save the pretties for later in life! ;) 

I actually had almost everything on hand I needed to make this space up, too. The only things I bought to make this work, were the vinyl for the floor, to cover my pretty bamboo floors up and keep them from getting paint or marker on them! Also, those cute little hooks on the wall, I happened upon those last night at JoAnn crafts, on sale for only 2.50 a piece! Too perfect for this space and cheap too! What could be better, I ask you? :) Would still love to have something to hang above the easel... in fact I do have a cute board with clips on it for hanging kids art, but as this wall is curved, I don't know I can properly hang it! Ok, enough rambling, here's a tour for you....

The vinyl I bought at Hobby Lobby, using a thumbtack and a red Sharpie,
I was able to mark the circle and it cut easily with fabric scissors.
Had the table, chair and easel already. Hard to tell, but there are ladybugs printed on it!
You could also use leftover vinyl flooring or a plastic tablecloth for this component of the space.

One of the hooks I got at JoAnn! Hanging Evan's art smock on this one,
and I think I have a couple little kid aprons I will add to the hook as well :)

Put some of the crayons in these Elmo pails I bought from the Dollar Spot ages ago.
I thought this might be easier cleanup than trying to keep them in the boxes! 

I had this in the basement, and most of what was in it ended up right in the garbage!
I like this vs. more "specific" art storage because it can change supplies easily,
if I want to take out the coloring books and put play-doh in the drawer instead, easy peasy to do so.
The drawers are large and it will be easy for Ev to clean up by himself, too. 

Top drawer: Crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, ta-doodles,
and chalk (the back of the easel is a chalk board).

Bottom drawer: coloring books! We must have 2 dozen
of these, so glad they will finally get used! I even found some Little Einsteins
ones in the pile, which is Ev's FAVORITE right now!! 

Middle drawer: paper. If your kids like art, I HIGHLY recommend
keeping all those useless flyers and old papers the kids bring home from school.
The backs make perfect art papers and then you don't waste your computer paper! I will
 "supplement" this drawer with some scrapbook paper scraps as well,
so there are plenty of colors to play with. :)
Well, I hope this is a fun and useful idea to some of you! As a creative person, I feel one of the greatest gifts I can give my kids is to allow them to explore their own creativity! Additionally, this has the added benefit of being adjacent to MY studio/ craft space, so I'm hoping it will keep Ev occupied while I'M trying to be creative! LOL! That's all for now, have a super day :) 

xoxo, Noelle

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Sylvia said...

Your art area is awesome, Noelle! What a fantastic mom you are! I am going to send your link to my dil, I think she would like this! Have a fun day!