Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day in my little corner of the world.....

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile... I started reorganizing my home office/studio and...... well, let's just say that the project took on a life of it's own! Boys have a snow day today, which is good, nice to have the excuse to stay in;) Here's some pics. When we bought this house (almost 5 years ago) this was primarily a hobby. Now that I'm trying to make a career out of it, alot of my storage and space needs have changed dramatically! I think I've mentioned before, this room is a little challenging, It's RIGHT in the very front of the house, where everyone who walks in can see. It's got no door and a arched "window" opening that looks out on the living room, but there's no actual window either (no natural light). It's also a pretty small room, 11' square. I am NOT complaining, I have SO many friends who wish they had any space at all for their "stash." So, I LOVE that I have the space, but just mentioning some of the challenges I face in setting it up. Here's a tour, some things are still in process:) Here is a link to an earlier post to give you some more ideas if you are on a cleaning jag too! :)
This shelf was TWO shelves, see where those drawers are in the middle, that's the bottom of the first shelf. On the lower one, my hubby cut off the arched top, and attached the 2 together with L brackets. These were just sitting in the basement, there was never a good place for them in this house, so I'm glad to repurpose them for this! They are very shallow which is PERFECT for stamp storage! :)
The black bookcase sitting on my desk is the only remnant of the furniture we took out of this room, there were all these (very old, drawers and doors didn't work, grr!) dresser units with shelves like these on top, but this seems to work well, without taking up too much space.
Hubby put these shelves up for me when we moved in. Originally I had my desk under these. I  bought these baskets at Lowe's, one of the only 2 things I bought for this project, they have little chalkboards on the front. Next to the shelves is our computer desk, which houses our old desktop computer, my kids use it for their homework, etc. Another challenge as that desk is HUGE and had to stay! ;)

These are the Itso cubes I bought at Target, my other purchase for this room, they are on sale this week for only 7.99 a cube! They also come in other colors. A word to the wise on these, if you want to use them to store your Cropper Hopper paper pouches like I did. The CH pouches are about 1/4" too tall for them! The Itso cubes are so much cheaper than "scrapbook" type storage though. It made it worth the time taken to slice 1/4" off the top of each CH pouch. The paper and scrapbooks fit beautifully in these though:)

This corner of the room is in limbo for awhile yet. A friend is giving me her tall, 4 drawer filing cabinet that will go on this wall and hold all of my paper that you see on this folding table. These shelves will move to the blank wall above my desk. You can see my front door through that "window" opening. 

On my desk, this is a vintage makeup case/train case where I hold all my inkpads. The little drawer holds my Copics. 

In the wood shelves we repurposed are these teeny drawers, which are the PERFECT size to hold all my SU! markers, scissors, etc. :)

Vintage suitcases that were my grandparents. In these I keep upcoming projects and bulky items, such as  paint cans, tins I want to reuse, cookie sheets, etc, etc.

The vintage egg basket I use to hold all of my non-SU! scraps. The SU! scraps get stored in the folder with their color.
Thanks for checking out my blog, now that I've cut away the "dead wood" I'm ready to get working again! I also have some VERY exciting news for you on Tuesday! Make sure to stop by and check it out! Have a stellar day:)

xoxoxox, Noelle


Joan Ervin said...

OMG, Noelle...your stamping space is AWESOME!!! You have such wonderful storage ideas...thanks for sharing!! Maybe one of these years I'll get up the energy to reorganize my space!!

HeatherG said...

What is "SUI"? Love your space!

Noelle said...

Hi Heather! I left you a comment on your blog, too, but just in case anyone else is wondering, SU! stands for "Stampin' Up!" Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sandra Farrell said...

Wasn't I pleasantly surprise to find puli blog featured on the ck blog. Your space looks awesome.