Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sky's The Limit!

Hi all! I hope you all are doing well. We are 2 weeks through our 8 weeks of summer vacation, but.... who's counting? Exasperated moms? Me? I love my boys, but finding new ways to keep them entertained every day is wiping me out! LOL, they have been pretty good though, and not too much fighting with each other yet which is nice. Also, I can't complain TOO much, because I have some fun vacation plans coming up in a few weeks! Hubby and I are going to celebrate our 15 year anniversary with a trip to Mexico, and then I've got some fun with girlfriends planned on another weekend! So, I'm not really whining, just tired! I'm sure someday when they are grown up, I will be missing the summer days where they played on the Slip n' Slide for 5 minutes, then tracked grass all over my clean kitchen floor, then got out a snack, leaving the box on the counter, then complained they were bored, then watched a TV show, then complained again, then did chores since they were "bored" (and being bored around here gets you put to work), and then I looked at my watch and realized it was only 1030 in the morning, and we still have SEVERAL hours to fill! Yeah, I am sure someday I will miss these days, just not today! ;)

This card is for this week's Tuesday Trigger and also I'm going to put it into the Gallery at Gallery Idol since it is a congratulations card. I got this STELLAR set of dies and stamps from Lil' Inker Designs. I really really LOVED that the set had both a small full rainbow and a larger half rainbow, as well as the awesome photopolymer stamp set. The Trigger really gave me a jumping off point, in that I loved the bright colors and the "sewing" feel of the spools of thread. Here is the Trigger for ya:

The title of the Trigger is Rainbow Bright, so I figured it was cool to do a rainbow card. Haven't checked the Gallery yet. but my guess is rainbows are so big right now that mine is probably one of very many! I had some sewing themed papers from Stampin' Up! and I swear I think I've only used them twice, so this was a great opportunity! I cut two out of each color with the large HALF rainbow die. I adhered them to my pattern-print DSP and used my sewing machine to stitch them together in the middle. I cut several clouds out of the stitched DSP and layered them on either end of the rainbow. Then I added some stamping and some buttons tied with linen thread, that pulled the color and the rustic feel of the spools. I hope you like my card! I think it turned out pretty cute :) All these rainbows remind me of my childhood, I had a Care Bear with the rainbow on the tummy (Cheer Bear, I think....) Ok, now just dating myself! LOl, have a bright and sunny day! :)

xoxoxox, Noelle

supply list: dies and stamps: Lil' Inker Designs; DSP, solid cardstock, inkpad, linen thread and buttons: Stampin' Up!; orange button: Dress It Up; sewing machine

DUST IT OFF!: Dig out that cute paper you haven't found the right spot for yet! :) 


Annette said...

Love your card Noelle..very cute. Happy Anniversary, your trip to Mexico sounds fun...

Cath said...

Hey Noelle! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

onecraftymama said...

Knowing you'll miss it someday doesn't make TODAY any more fun, lol ;) There's a blog 'summer camp' thingy at that has lots of neat ideas for kid stuff. I've got one last week of classes before I'm with you in the trenches :)
And now the reason I found myself here - your great Trigger card! I love the patterned clouds, and you can never go wrong with a rainbow. Lovely :)