Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kids Chore Charts


Hi all! I am really, REALLY not meaning to neglect this blog, I SWEAR! But with the boys home, there is just a fight, a mess, an injury, or a need for food about every 3 seconds around here! Ok, it's probably not ACTUALLY every 3 seconds, it could be that I'm exaggerating a wee bit. ;) But I am sorry I have not been around very much, because I miss my blog! So here's a project that got done, but only from sheer necessity! LOL, The boys have been using the same (one month long) chore charts for the last THREE months! Oy.... 

So anyway, I had seen this tutorial on the Spotted Canary TV show for a kids chore chart. I had been using these big poster sized blank charts you buy at the teacher supply store for the last two years. I'd replace them every month or 2, and have to write dates along one side and the chores along the top. Ian and Collin get paid different amounts of allowance for different chores, some are free, some are 10 cents, some a quarter and some really big chores can be worth 1 or 5 dollars, though the 5 dollar ones are really rare and usually take more than a couple hours. I had noticed that lately the boys would ask how much something was worth, and we had just started adding stickers into sections of chores that were worth different amounts instead of being so focused on which sticker went in which column. So that combined with the pockets used on the SC chart gave me the idea for PERMANENT chore charts. I just made each card for the older boys worth a certain amount. So, for example, if they get 20 stickers on the 10 cent card, then the card will be worth 2.00. The great thing about this method is that the only thing that will have to be replaced periodically is the cards, which are super easy to make!

So, I wanted the charts to coordinate with each other, but still each reflect the boys' unique personalities. I also had a goal to use up some old product on these, which I think I succeeded pretty well in doing! I found this old K&Company half used up pad of papers. These are SO cute! I thought that when I bought them and I STILL think that! I had purchased these denim print library pockets at the teacher store, they were on sale, so a package of 30 pockets for 1.99! So, if any of the pockets do get ripped or ruined, I can always replace it with a new one easily. I used a different DP on each chart, bordering the DP with a denim print paper and backing the chart with some lightweight cardboard to make it sturdy. Some letter stickers outlined in dark pen for their names, Large silver eyelets reinforce the holes and flank a green ribbon for hanging. I accented with some coordinating stickers, using ones that worked well and highlighted each kid's interests. Finally I used the labelmaker with different colors of tape to spell out the boys' names and "chores."

Now, for the cards, I decided to only allow myself to use scraps! I am drowning in them and have PLENTY to make work for something like this! Each card measures 3 1/4" x 4 1/4." I used a corner rounder on each one and then found coordinating patterned papers to punch the tabs out of. As you can see, I gave each child a different color cards. This is to prevent a brother deciding he prefers the amount of stickers on his brothers' cards and sneaking a switch. I've been a mom for 10 years, NOTHING gets past me anymore, LOL! On the  older boys' charts I wrote in the amount on the tabs that each card is worth. On Ev's, i just left them blank, because he is still blissfully at the age where he is happy to work for stickers, and the occasional toy when he gets his chart filled. 
Well, that is it for me today, the troops are restless, and I've promised banana pancakes for dinner, so I'd better get crackin'! Have a wonderful day! :) -Noelle

supply list: patterned papers, 3D stickers, letter stickers: K&Company; tab punch: EK Success for SU!; dark blue pen: Zig; denim paper: The Paper Studio; monster sticker: Sassafrass; buttons: Dress It Up; green ribbon: Ribbon Boutique/Hobby Lobby; large silver eyelets, tag board or light cardboard for reinforcements; denim library pockets purchased at Mardel; variety of scraps for making cards; labelmaker: Dymo

DUST IT OFF!: This project was made with a SLEW of old products, in fact more of them are old than new! The only purchase for this project was the pockets. I did use some new letter stickers and ribbon for these, but everything else was several years old.


Pocono Pam said...

toooo cute~ Whaqt an awesome project~

Jenny said...

OMGosh Noelle- LOVELOVELOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Such an awesome chore chart...most functional things are too ugly for me to want to hang, so this is such an awesome idea:) I am totally going to make these this summer:) Thanks for sharing!!!! And why aren't you commenting on the SCS TCP thread to win some stamps?????? get at it girl!