Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last day of School 2014/Teacher Gifts

Hi friends! I hope you all are well. I have had one of those bittersweet mornings. My BABY graduated kindergarten this morning! This means I have all big boys now! I can hardly believe it. It really seems like yesterday that my oldest did this, and he's going into the 8th grade in the fall! Which means only one more year until HIGH SCHOOL?! Hello, clearly I can't be old enough for *that!* ;)
Well, I'm guessing you'd like to see some teacher gifts? I had such a fun day on Tuesday, I visited my friend Annette's lovely new home and we had crafty time and lunch! Yea! Thanks for having me Annette, I love to hang out with you! *hugs*
It was really fun, I needed the break as I just had a race (my second triathlon, I shaved 21 minutes off last year's time!) on Sunday. My sons both did well, too! My oldest opted to compete in the adult sprint race and came in 3rd in the 19 and under division! So proud of these guys. They have inspired their mom in so many ways.
 Also, I am starting teaching theater camps full-time next week! This will be the first time I've worked "Full-time" (in quotes because between my many jobs: craft artist, blogger, website owner, theater teacher for my own company and another company) I actually have put in more than a few 40 hour weeks as of late. But this will be my first "gone from home" 40 hour week in 14 years! So weird, but I m really looking forward to putting on these shows. And my boys are looking forward to seeing their grandparents, so all is well. :)
This tag die was Annette's, and I don't remember the manufacturer-so sorry! The stamps are Reverse Confetti-Class Act. I decided to use the colors in the cups I'd bought as color inspiration for the tag, and also used Annette's Radiant Neon Inks!  They were really fun! I loved the way the pink apple turned out. Now, I want some. ;) Simple tags, I really love the way they turned out, too! The cups were from (my least favorite store) WalMart, and already had a cute saying on them about teachers, so I opted not to personalize them, like I did last year.  I love these tumblers, I use mine all the time, so I hope it's a useful gift! Threw in some M&Ms and a Starbucks card for good measure.
Here's a pic of my youngest's Kindie Program. I still can't believe it....
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. :) 


Tracey McNeely said...

...and it should take a visit from you to get me here Noelle! What a great gift for the teachers. Happy summer to the boys and hope they have a fun summer.

Annette Allen said...

what a fun post.. loving all the pictures.. and fabulous teacher gift.. thanks for hanging out.. :)