Monday, May 27, 2013

End of Year Teacher Gifts 2013

Hi all! Here was my solution for teacher gifts this year, I wanted to go ahead and put these up, since I know this is the time that folks might still be looking for an idea for something like this.

I actually ended up making 6 of these, all a little different. I haven't made tags for the final 3 yet, but I'm planning on something a bit more "teacher-y" than these floral ones, maybe using a fave apple stamp-so I may have another related post later on.

I always like to give a gift card, but want a cute way to give it and something a bit more personal, too. I personally LOVE these plastic tumblers. I'm a big iced tea lover in the summers, and these tumblers are the greatest way to tote that around. After I made these two (these were purchased at Hobby Lobby), I found that (my least favorite store-but this is a great deal) WalMart has 2-packs of these tumblers for 5$. They are in the kitchen section in my WalMart if you want to check them out.
I cut the teachers first names out of vinyl on the Cricut and adhered the vinyl to the tumblers. I filled the cups with candy and added the gift cards inside.

These 2 were for Ev's teachers, and he wanted to draw them each a picture, so he drew them on index cards and I added that right beneath the tags which were smaller.

The vinyl is NOT dishwasher safe, which I forgot to mention to the preschool teachers unfortunately... I'll make a point to tell the elementary school teachers, though! ;)

That's all for me today! Have a great Memorial Day! :)



Lynn said...

Oh these are oh so cute! I'm sure the teachers will love them!

Annette said...

awesome...the teachers will love them..

Tracey McNeely said...

Fantastic idea Noelle!