Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week/Day 1: Favorite Flower

Hi all! Hope you are doing well, I keep thinking things will calm down, and then they don't! I bet you can relate. Life just gets so crazy sometimes! And, this introvert can get a bit overwhelmed at times.... I'm definitely a girl who needs her downtime, lately it's just not happening. Then, when I just decide that dropping everything and taking a break is critical, I end up paying for that by falling behind. Ugh! Just that season of my life, I guess!
Anyway, last week Ev's preschool sent home a little flyer about Teacher Appreciation Week. To it, they had stapled a "survey" (4 simple questions) that each of his 2 teachers had answered. It was really cute, I thought. The questions were: favorite flower, favorite drink, favorite snack, and favorite store. Of course it was totally up to you whether or not you'd like to participate.... But I thought, this is a great way to show the teachers how much you appreciate them. For the older boys teachers, I sent in cards with gift cards, since they didn't have these little surveys, but for Ev's teachers I decided to follow the lead given to us by the preschool. So, every day this week, I'll be showing you CUTE, and super *fast* mini gifts for his two teachers. Hope you'll be able to pop in. And maybe, it will give you your own "do-able" ideas that are manageable even if you are as busy as me. :) All 4 days worth of projects times 2 teachers took me less than an hour total, they were THAT fast. :)

Today is "favorite flower." Now, one teacher said her fave was a rose, and one said a hydrangea. My original intent was to make these with the seeds of their particular flower. But the store I was at didn't have seeds for either. I remembered I had a bunch of seed packets that had been leftover favors from my sister's wedding recently. So, in the interest of time I just decided to use those. I stamped "Seeds 2 Plant" on the top of each seed envelope and slipped them into these premade kraft pockets (Recollections). Then I added a DP to the back that I'd die cut with the TCP notebook topper CutUp. To embellish them I added some October Afternoon flash cards, wood banners, and some My Mind's Eye chipboard buttons. I figured they could use them as bookmarks after they remove the seeds. The flash cards are super "teacher-y" and the colors are pretty for Spring. I had Ev write "Love, Evan" on the back of each one. Hope you like them! :)

Have a wonderful day! xo, Noelle

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Lynn said...

Love this and how clever for the school to give you clues on what to get!