Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week/Day 3: Favorite Snack

Hi guys! Last week Ev's preschool sent home a little flyer about Teacher Appreciation Week. To it, they had stapled a "survey" (4 simple questions) that each of his 2 teachers had answered. It was really cute, I thought. The questions were: favorite flower, favorite drink, favorite snack, and favorite store. Of course it was totally up to you whether or not you'd like to participate.... But I thought, this is a great way to show the teachers how much you appreciate them. For the older boys teachers, I sent in cards with gift cards, since they didn't have these little surveys, but for Ev's teachers I decided to follow the lead given to us by the preschool. So, every day this week, I'll be showing you CUTE, and super *fast* mini gifts for his two teachers. Hope you'll be able to pop in. And maybe, it will give you your own "do-able" ideas that are manageable even if you are as busy as me. :) All 4 days worth of projects times 2 teachers took me less than an hour total, they were THAT fast. :)

Today is "favorite snack." One teacher said she liked peanut butter cups, and one said "anything chocolate." So that dollar candy section at Target came in super handy. We got the peanut butter cups for Ms. Corrie, and Ev picked Junior Mints for Miss Olivia. These were the fastest of all the projects, and I bet you can see why... Yep, just a stamped label, and a (practically ancient!) epoxy butterfly from my stash tied with twine. The stamp is Inkadinkado, the labels are Martha Stewart/Avery from Staples, and the butterflies are so old, I have no clue who made them! ;) Plus, I used some Aqua Divine Twine from TCP to finish off the butterflies.

Now see, this is what I like about being crafty, you can make a 1$ box of candy feel special with 2 minutes of your time. What could be better than that? Have a great one, all! :)

xo, Noelle 

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