Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week/Day 4: Favorite Store

Hi all! Happy Thursday! Hope you're doing well. this is my last "mini-gift" post about Teacher Appreciation week. If you're just tuning in, please scroll back over the last 3 days as well to see 3 other quick and cute mini-gifts. :)

Anyway, last week Ev's preschool sent home a little flyer about Teacher Appreciation Week. To it, they had stapled a "survey" (4 simple questions) that each of his 2 teachers had answered. It was really cute, I thought. The questions were: favorite flower, favorite drink, favorite snack, and favorite store. Of course it was totally up to you whether or not you'd like to participate.... But I thought, this is a great way to show the teachers how much you appreciate them. For the older boys teachers, I sent in cards with gift cards, since they didn't have these little surveys, but for Ev's teachers I decided to follow the lead given to us by the preschool. So, every day this week, I'll be showing you CUTE, and super *fast* mini gifts for his two teachers. Hope you'll be able to pop in. And maybe, it will give you your own "do-able" ideas that are manageable even if you are as busy as me. :) All 4 days worth of projects times 2 teachers took me less than an hour total, they were THAT fast. :)
Today is the last day, and the theme was "favorite store." I for one, am really trying to save money right now. We want to take the kids on a nice vacation this summer, so every penny counts! So, these gift cards are only 5$ each, but I figured it's the thought that counts, plus I always do a bigger gift cards as end of the year teacher gifts, and for these teachers that's just a few short weeks away. I can't believe the school year is almost over! Next year I'll have a middle schooler, a 5th grader, and a kindergartner! My how time just FLIES!
For these, they are just flat cards, they don't open. I had Ev write "Love, Evan" on the backs of them. I die cut the pockets out, adhered them, and added the chipboard sentiments. A few pre made embellies: a chipboard button, and a pre made rosette made for quick, cute decorations. The gift cards I'd picked out even matched! I love Target, and apparently so do Ev's teachers since that's what they both wrote for "favorite store."
That's all for me today, crafty peeps! Been crafting up a storm for DAYS! So there's lots more coming soon! :)

xo, Noelle

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