Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graduation Cards 2014

Hi friends, thought I would stop in with a few graduation cards I made this year! I recently bought this For the Graduate set used online. I already had the matching dies, and I did not have a graduation set amongst all my stamps, craziness!

It was a good time to invest in the set, too. My brother recently finished electrician school, my SIL recently finished college, and a friend's son just graduated high school.

This was for my brother:

This was for my SIL, I made these to match the gift bags I'd bought for their presents. :)

This one is for our friend's son. I used the colors from his high school and added a pocket to the inside for a gift card.

Thanks for stopping by! :) 


Annette Allen said...

wow you have been busy.. these are fabulous.

Marlena M. said...

You popped in my head and I had to stop by. These are awesome~love the crisp die cuts and matching stamps. I'm short on grad cards too! Blessings Noelle! ;)