Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lego Birthday Party


Hey folks! What a crazy week! It's always crazy when the boys are all home (hubby too) but even crazier when it's too cold to play outside! Ha! I have been working on some invitations, but I'll have to wait on the reveal for those for the time being. But I wanted to show you *something* today, and then I remembered that I hadn't given you the lowdown on Collin's birthday party yet! It's been awhile, from mid-November, but it was a really fun party. Here's the scoop.

I made all the decorations that weren't actual lego creations. Simple circle punches, solid cardstock and foam dots make super cute (and easy!) lego decorations. :)

hanging from the light fixture

hanging above the back sliding glass door

We had food, and I got a few extra lego plates to accent the solid colored party ware that I used. I also made some little lego pops with candy melts and a lego man ice cube tray.


lego man pops
The games were the absolute best! Collin and I went to the Lego Store at the mall where they have a huge wall of legos sorted by type. For the first game we had him create two small creations, and then we got all the pieces for each one, and separated them into ziplocs. Whichever kid copied his design the fastest was the winner of that round. 

Above: The blue plate on the right has the 2 mini creations the kids had to copy. The centerpiece was made by wrapping a variety of boxes with construction paper and used circle punches to pop up circles of the same paper on them.

Above: The second game was the biggest hit. When we were at the Lego store we also got a bunch of wheels, tires, and axles. Each kid built a car, and then they got to race them. Hubby built this wood car track that we propped up with a sawhorse. I cut out a finish line on the Cricut with vinyl. The boys had SO much fun with this one! And the track has been fun for them to play with ever since. :)

prizes, the big bin of legos the kids built their cars with,
and the lego card the kids all signed for Collin.

I did not make this gorgeous cake, I ordered it from a local lady
who does custom cakes. Isn't it cute? :)

I can't believe he's 10! :) Hope you liked the party, be back soon with some more fun projects! 

xo, Noelle

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Lynn said...

Double digits! woo hoo! I love all the decorations...awesome!