Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello!!! Christmas Cards and Message Boards as gifts

Hi everyone!! Oh, how I have missed my blog! I am finally typing on my new computer, almost 5 days after my old desktop died :( Hubby is hoping to recover some of the hard drive, we will see what he can do;) The VERY exciting news is that I have always wanted a Mac computer
or a laptop & now I have both:) The photo editing software on this thing is SICK (in case you didn't know, that means GREAT, oh the things I'm learning from my 10 year old, lol....) so I think you'll find my pics to be much improved! Anyway, you just do NOT know how much you use your computer until you are without one, and I am SOOOOOOO very glad to not be without one anymore!

So, on Saturday I went to make some Christmas cards with my stamping buddies- I was gabbing too much to get alot done, but here are a few.....

Here are some Christmas gifts I'm making as well......
I saw this idea in the most recent issue of Scrapbooks, etc. 
I did mine a little differently than shown in the magazine, I decoupaged DSP onto cookie sheets & then punched holes in the top with my Crop-o-dile to thread some fun ribbon through. I used my Cricut to cut out vinyl letters, either with the surname or the word "notes." and then I made magnets from buttons, bottlecaps, large brads and leftover pieces of hardware I had laying around. Also, I used my i-top to make a few out of the fancy ribbon. On the bottom I added these little galvanized bins for post its and a pen or 2. I had these from last Christmas, actually. I bought them for a stamped coaster tile project I did and they ended up being too small for it, so here they sit. I don't have the Big Bite Crop-o-dile, so, instead, I had hubby drill holes through the cookie sheet for me & then I attached them with brads. I was able to punch the holes through the bins with my Crop-o-dile, fortunately!! If you want to try this project yourself, they have cookie sheets at Wal-Mart, a package of 3 (assorted sizes) for only 4$! Seriously, I spent about 10$ on fancy ribbons (although, I probably could have gotten away without buying any at all- this project was truly an excuse!;) and 7$ on a big pack of plain magnets, and 8$ on cookie sheets, and I now have 5 darling gifts plus one for me, so about 4-5$ per gift, not too shabby at all!!! 

Well, I am not posting a manufacturers list with all these projects, but please feel free to message me if you want to know the brand of something. 

I hope to be back VERY soon with some fun challenges, I have really missed this! Please comment or follow if you can, I'd LOVE to be up to 20 followers by the end of the year? Come on, you know you are stopping by anyway;) Have a STELLAR evening & I'll see you SOON!!!


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Berenice R. said...

Hi Noelle! Gorgeous cards & projects :)