Sunday, December 11, 2011

pretty little (rejected) cards & things that are important to remember

Hi there, I just wanted to share these 3 cards that I had submitted to the latest issue of Paper Crafts. One of my goals for this year was to get published, and I've been a bit sad that it won't be accomplished this year. But it will be a new goal for 2012! :) 

However I think it's important to say, I don't have real problems. This morning in church, our family was lighting the Advent wreath and doing the readings. As we were waiting to go up to the front, we started to chat with a man that was standing in the back with us, also waiting to go to the front of the sanctuary. We introduced him to our kids. He looked shocked when we told him our youngest son's name was Evan. He said that he'd had 3 sons also, and that one of them had died one year ago today, and he was there to dedicate the Christmas Tree in memory of his son. His son's name was also Evan. Tears filled my eyes as he relayed his story & we hugged. 

Losing one of my children is my (and any parent's) greatest fear. I can't imagine suffering so great a loss and I was so impressed by his faith and undying love for his child. 

So, here's some pretty cards for you today. no, they weren't right for a magazine this time, but maybe another time they will be. Hug your kids today!! 

love, love, Noelle


Lynn said...

Noelle, your cards are beauties! Keep trying as I'm sure you will get it sooner rather than later! And much more important is your overall message that life is really good. I feel very blessed too. Thanks for reminding us of a very important message. Hugs to you Noelle!

Annette said...

Sorry your cards did not make the cut...mine did not either. But as long as we love the craft that is all that matters. Keep trying you are amazing...