Monday, December 19, 2011

Bits and Pieces

"It's the most iiinsane time of the year..." Sing with me now! ;) hahaha! 

I am doing really well, actually. I'm feeling a lot more "together" this year than I often do at this time of year. I think the fact that my kids got off school a few days earlier than normal really helped me to be proactive about getting my shopping DONE (yes, it's done!) and even the wrapping, baking, cards; while not totally done, are far more done than usual at this time of year. So it's all good.

There's been a LOT of this going on, handmade goodies, gift packaging etc. These aren't the greatest pics, but I wanted to show you some things I did and ways I simplified and saved some money this year. :) 
Ok, first up GOODIE BOXES! These are for those friends and neighbors with whom we exchange goodies. the original plan was to make boxes from cardstock. Of course, these handmade boxes were going to be hand stamped, with fabulous big bows on top and some kids of glitter involved..... 

Ok, FAST FORWARD to reality!! LOL, I found these Ziploc containers in a holiday green color at the grocery store. Easy and fast to decorate the tops with patterned paper scraps, some old holiday stickers and premade tags. Of course I had to throw a little bakers twine in there, too ;) 

I was still needing a few more little gifties and didn't want to spend a lot, so here's what I did... I found a recipe for peppermint bark. It's super easy and only uses different kinds of chocolate chips and sprinkles. So I made little jar mixes so folks can make their own once all the holiday sweets are gone. I added these cute spatulas that I found at Hobby Lobby last week for 2$! 

My **EXTREMELY TALENTED*** (yes, he made me write that) ;) hubby made these great tags on the computer with the holiday motif and the recipe. Check it. 

I made 4 of these, but forgot to snap a pic before I gave one away... Decorated the jar lids with some scraps of holiday DP and a variety of snowflakes. I also added premade tags to the recipe. 

So these were QUICK, EASY holiday gifts that used up scraps, stickers and tags; just a plethora of the way-too-much Christmas stuff I've got laying around here. Perhaps it will inspire you to do the same? Hope you are having a very merry holiday season!

And remember, I am drawing the winner for my Christmas blog candy on the 26th, if you're already a follower, you just have to go to the blog candy post (there's a link at the top of the sidebar there...) and comment. If you want to join in and you're not a follower, just become a follower and then go to that post and comment. so far there's only a few, so comment to win! I'd love to send YOU a little Christmas gift. :)

big hugs, Noelle 

DUST IT OFF: Before you reach for that new pack of stickers or uncut papers to decorate your holiday treats, stop and look around! Try and find some things you would like to have used up and out of your hair! :) 


Annette said...

these are all so fun...Great Christmas gifts...

I made a big batch of cookies yesterday... and I have to say they are so yummy...

Merry Christmas 🎄

RORO LEE said...

These two gift sets are very inspiring!! I like them, especially the second one! The spatula with the recipe, such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I am one of your follower now~