Thursday, August 26, 2010

WOW!! Thanks SO much! :)

Hi all, no new card today (actually, I'm fighting a nasty virus, ugh!!) But I just wanted to say THANKS for all the blog love I have been getting:) This card was featured as one of the top 3 cards on the CCMC112!! Go here to see the top 3. I have just been totally blown away these last few weeks. I am thrilled and now know, that starting this blog was the right move for me to make! Thanks SO much!! Also, thanks to all my new followers! If you have a blog I am following it as well:) Thanks again, I will be back SOON with some more fun challenge cards:) Connie and Mary are doing a cool inspiration challenge this week with a fancy birthday cake that looks like it was off of "Cake Boss" or something! Check it out here! So fun, I will sink my teeth into it soon! Have a great day, I'm laying the little guy down for his nap and going to rest myself. Being sick is the WORST!! :(

"See" you soon! :)


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