Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dad's owly birthday card SFYTT

Hi everyone! I'm back- I actually made both this and the color challenge card last night and I wanted to post them then IN SPITE of the fact that my camera takes SO much better card pics during the day. I was so excited about these guys, I was willing to take bad pics anyway;) But, I couldn't find my camera, even after looking in all my usual haunts, so I had a little pout and ended up retiring and getting (at least a little bit of) sleep.Here's my Dad's birthday card, (Happy birthday, Dad! It's.... ALMOST in the mail!!) Try to ignore the fact that the "birthday wishes" is stamped crooked and that I had to go over the "hoot hoot hooray" with pen to make it readable on the pocket, ok? The sketch showed a bit if a larger circle. you can check it out here again- dumb links button NOT working. Who do you call when your links button is not working?? The links button police?? I think I am, unfortunately, just going to have to deal!
:(  I have done this "knothole" look a couple other times on cards in my splitcoast gallery. Here is an example (hey, it worked!!)  Well, that's it,I gotta fly, soooooo tired, a lot of late nights lately plus another big week ahead! Doing some scrapbooking tomorrow- will try to get another post or two in this week! Have a great one!! :) _Noelle

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