Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Gift Packaging 2013

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in and show you some fun gift packaging that I managed this year. Firstly, there are these MINI jars of my Gingerbread Scrub. I gave these to many of my friends. The mini jelly jars were cute and were super easy to decorate with the Man CutUps and the Homemade for the Holidays stamp set from TCP. 

I found these holiday "paint cans" already clearanced out at Tuesday Morning last week. I just layered the following to make cute gifts for my 2 workout buds; Donna and Celeta. we are together ALL THE TIME these days, and I wanted to do something fun for them. :)

The layers went as such; Mint M&M's, mini jar of scrub, patterned tissue paper, 5$ Starbucks card. Perfect!

On the side, I stamped some pre made tags with a snowman stamp and wrote their names over that. The little washers came with the cans to pry the lids off, so I just tied them right to the tags with some Holiday Divine Twine. 

Here is a closeup on the can lids:

I hope you like these! To check out some fun gift ideas from past years; you can check out Holiday Teacher Gifties 2012, Snowman tags, Chocolate bar Sliders,  and Bits and Pieces posts from the past.

Holiday Hugs!