Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Sack Tags

Hi friends, I just spent about 15 minutes making 3 quick tags, and I thought you might like to see! Last year Santa brought the boys presents in these large appliqu├ęd felt sacks. He shops at Michaels, just like me. What a coincidence! ;) So I explained to the boys that we should put the sacks out this year on Christmas Eve, and Santa will leave their presents in them again. This solves the whole Santa present can't be wrapped in the same paper that Mom uses problem. My own Mom used to leave the Santa presents unwrapped, but the way our house is arranged, there's very few places Santa could leave presents downstairs that the boys can't see from upstairs.
Anyhow, my older 2 are too old to really believe, but Ev was REALLY concerned how Santa would remember that the red sack was his! LOL, so I promised I'd make tags to label them.
As with everything this time of year, we have been just SWAMPED! Cleaning, wrapping, baking, shopping. I'm sure you get just what I mean! Time was of the essence, so I wanted to be quick!
I used some older Stampin' Up! stamps on these, and some pre made tags. Since they were so simple, the embellies made all the difference!

Well, tomorrow holds more baking, getting the neighbors goodie plates over to them, more cleaning, etc. etc. I am sure you can relate! 

Holiday hugs, Noelle

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Lynn said...

I love sweet and perfect for Santa!