Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chocolate Bar Sliders for Teacher Gifts

Hey folks, another quick post and I'll probably be out for the next few days. The crazy chaos seems to be getting crazier and more chaotic (yep, just when I thought it wasn't possible....I'm sure you get it;)  

Just wanted to share with you my answer to teacher  
holiday gifts for this school year. You see, I am the daughter of a teacher and the best friend of a teacher and because of this I KNOW that teachers really really love something they can get some  real use out of, like a giftcard. (.... and I also know how many Christmas coffee mugs I've seen my Mom regift in 25 years of teaching, lol;) So anyway, If you just bought your child's teacher a coffee mug, so sorry for that little insight, but I always do giftcards. Usually to Target, but if I know they are a coffee junkie like me, then Starbucks.

Anyway, the crafter in me just has to do something cutesy and fun to present the giftcard in. I LOVE these chocolate bar sliders, they are a fun way to give the giftcard instead of a boring old envelope, right? :) My original plan was to do something far more elaborate, maybe with my favorite holiday stamps, some Copics, a bit of flocking powder, but then I started calculating..... going to be gone all day Xmas shopping tomorrow and these have to be given on Thurs..... today was super busy and I only ended up with about an hour to make 8 of these (did I happen to mention, my youngest has SIX teachers? No, I'm not kidding, a lot of them are only there one day per week, but 6 nonetheless.)

So anyway, in my many errands today I happened to swing by Archivers where I picked up these super cute snowflake papers from Basic Grey and making memories. The green one (mm) is from a line called "Noel" how appropriate is that for ME to use, I ask you?? ;) 

And I do have to gripe about Archivers.... I go in there with my current sales flyer and coupons, on which it CLEARLY states that if you spend 30$ or more you can have a FREE Basic Grey pattern printed reusable shopping bag. When I get to the front to pay I am VERY excited to see that they still have a whole stack of them sitting there. And, even though the sales flyer says "while supplies last" and even though they have a whole stack, and even though I am spending not 30$, but 60$, they wouldn't give me one?!?!!! I ask you HOW annoying is that? Something was said about their corporate office changing their mind about the promotion, but that I was MORE than welcome to PURCHASE the (supposedly) free bag for only 2.99? Yeah, I will tell you, I was polite, but not at all pleased, I'm not sure when I'll be back over there again, how SILLY! I worked retail for alot of years myself, so I get that sometimes things happen that are beyond your control, but I am still VERY annoyed as I write this, grr!

Ok, enough whining, SO sorry for my little tangent! So anyway, pressed for time as I was, I decided to keep these super simple, just using my Martha Stewart snowflake punch, some gems, ribbons and a few Xmas embellishments for fun. I used my old fashioned labelmaker again to put the teachers names on the outside. I had also found these cute snowman Hershey bars at Target, which is what I used & you can see in the pic, I just used a couple glue dots to stick the card to the bar.

Well, that's it for me today, please comment, or follow if you have a second in this crazy holiday season! If not, totally cool & I hope to see you again SOON!

Have a stellar day!
xoxoxox-Noelle :)

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