Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two wrongs make a right..... Right?

Hi all! Popping in with another recent project that just didn't get blogged yet! This is a home decor project. Let me explain about the "two wrongs" part of my title....

You might remember from way a long time ago that I had this cute hanging decor as part of a blog hop...

...and only a little while ago, this vintage window decor project? 

Well, over the last few months both of these things were irreparably BROKEN. Yes, you heard that right, broken. I actually shed a few tears over the window, because I spent so many hours getting everything just so.... ugh. :(
But, as in life, 2 wrongs make a right sometimes, and so I was able to combine the felt flower and the window frame to create a new display in my family room with a monogram "M." I'd been wanting to add an "M" or two to the house since monograms are so hot right now. I picked up this paper mache' letter up for just a couple dollars at the craft store.

I used the same spray paint that I had already from the hanging decor piece and spray painted the letter. I cut the "M" from some new DP I had (DCWV). If you want to do this and get the letter to fit just perfect, here's a few tips.....

1. Trace the letter onto the back of the DP you are using with a pencil.
2. Decide on a set distance to cut inside the lines you traced so it won't overlap, I think I used 1/16"
3. Use a paper cutter on any straight lines you have to cut. since my letter is all straight lines, I was able to use the trimmer on all cuts.

and, you should end up with the following, perfectly cut letter.

Then I decoupaged the letter onto my spray painted paper mache' letter and let it dry overnight.

The final touch was some wide burlap ribbon hot glued to the back, and of course, the pretty felt flower as an embellishment. The window frame serves as a frame for the letter.
And in this you can also see my beautiful figurine. My friend Beth bought this for me last year. 2012 was a bit rough and my goal for the year was to gain courage. I had/have a bracelet with that word on it, and then Beth bought me this figurine from Willow Tree. She is called "Courage." I love her posture. I will always keep her in an honored place because she reminds me daily of the wonderful and supportive friends I have, and also of how far I've come. I found the little sign below her at Gordman's.

and that's it for me today! See you back here soon with some more fun projects! :)

xo, Noelle

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Annette Allen said...

well YES.. these are amazing.. you are so creative..