Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Window Decor

Hi all, I am just swamped, but here's a fun project I made a few months ago and I thought you might want to see. I'd bought this cool vintage window at a Salvage place, it was only 8$ + the hardware cost made it around 20$ total. I knew I wanted to do something with the Cricut and vinyl. I'd pinned this great sign, and decided to make that my jumping off point, and I knew I wanted to add photos. I used several different cartridges to make this, and it would have been impossible without the Cricut Craft Room. That is such a great FREE resource. I highly recommend it if you have a Cricut. Anyway, I have this in my family room right now. Still not sure if I'll keep it here or move it to a wall somewhere. either way, I'm thrilled with a good-sized customized to our family piece of art for such a great price. :)

Have a great day! Noelle

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Jennifer LaVite said...

What a great piece of art!