Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blessings in Blue

I am writing today to share with you some wonderful news.... my crazy, blended, mixed-up, and wonderful family is growing. My step-cousin & his wife are adopting a precious little boy. He has been in his Mom's heart from well before she knew his name. He is a precious, adorable, sweet 2 year old with happy laughter. The whole family fell right in love with him the first time we saw him (last November for me, my hubby, and our boys). My brother and his wife are also expecting a new baby boy in June. Two blessings in blue. :) I'm interspersing a hanging tag/sign I made for little Jacobi's new room, and the card I made for them, too. On both I used my new fave TCP set: Sock It To Me.
It brings up an interesting point about family. Technically, I have a huge, blended, extended, adopted, by marriage, by adoption, by blood family. But when we get together, it's just family. You know what I mean? All these kids/nieces/nephews/step-nieces/nephews/little stepcousins, etc. just play and have fun together, even though they range in ages 14 years-newborn. We hosted Easter here, and it was awesome to see everyone. I love having a big family. I don't think about the technicalities of whether or not we are related by birth to someone or not. The kids (even baby J, who will technically be my adopted step-cousin somehow removed, I never understood the whole removed thing....) are all cousins. It's just fun, crazy, loud, and really messy. But it's amazing. There is a place for everyone here. Family is not only those who are related to you by blood, they are those in your heart, the ones that matter the most to you.
When I was 9 and my parents got divorced, it was heartbreaking for me. But now I'm hugely grateful for all the blessings that have come my way from that door in my life being closed. I now believe this is the lesson that life is trying to teach to me. I've learned that whenever God asks you to put something down, He will give you something better in return. I am so blessed. Blessed in family, blessed in friendship, blessed in joy, blessed in love. I'm grateful every day for my life. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Much Love, Noelle


Lynn said...

Beautiful are very blessed. Love hearing about your family!

sweet cards/tag for the new arrivals in your family!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

congrats on your growing family! I love your creations for the new guys coming into your life!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!