Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn Decor 2013

Hi friends! I have been so busy but NOT with crafting these days, that I thought I'd show you a few of the things I HAVE been doing! I do like to share decorating tips once in awhile, and show photos of my decor. I used to work in the Interior Design field, and actually completed most of my associates degree in it, but ended up dropping it after awhile.

When my boys were little, I was home a LOT. Two little boys under the age of 5 can leave you housebound at times! That was sort of how I got into seasonal decorating (and stamping, now that I think about it! Haha!). Though in recent years, I've realized I may try to do too much to do when it comes to decorating. I always think I'll simplify, but I really do enjoy it, so I try to make time even though I mean to scale back, and never do! :)

You can look at past decor posts of mine herehere, and here.

And here's some peeks at this year's decorating. I did the mantel a bit differently than in past years. Normally, I get a little OCD with the mantel and mirror everything from one side to the next, kinda boring. So this year I decided to mix it up a bit, and I think it's pretty cute! Used my normal grapevine and autumn garlands + I always add a string of LED lights in fall colors. Then did one of my large jars with electric candle inside. My Mom brought those jars (originally they had candy in them) from Germany some thirty years ago. They sat in her basement for 25 years, and then in mine for almost 5 before I ever did something with them! They are huge jars, very cool. I'm very glad she saved them even though it took us so long to use them!

Either side of the mantel. I kept simple since the mantel was so busy.

Little alcove

My planter turned pot rack always gets filled with a silk mum and tons of plastic gourds.

My "New" Chalk-painted hutch with some Fall goodies.

And the first time I've ever done this display, on the dining room table. You are getting a teeny peek at my table and chairs which I recently finished to match the hutch!   I will give you a full post on the dining room soon. :) I have been working on that project since February, I am SO GLAD it's finally done! This display started with a length of leaf printed burlap. I pulled a thread from either end to gather it like that. Then added a vintage step stool, a pedestal, some candles, a spice jar, and a metal word. The final touch was a garland.

And, a mini-display on top of the fridge:
That's all for me! I have a few other posts scheduled for September, but in October, I will be back in full swing!

xo, Noelle


Annette Allen said...

how cute is your decorating.. love it all

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Um wow! Fab decor and I commend you for getting it all up! A little early for me, I am still holding onto summer!