Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wedding Cards for my Little Sis....

Hi guys! Earlier today was my little sister's second wedding reception at my Mom's house :) I hadn't ever gotten to show you the cards I made for her wedding, so now seemed like an appropriate day! These are Instagram Pics, so pardon if they aren't as crisp as normal. On both I used a scrap of tulle cascading from the corner to emulate a veil. Her "wedding color" was green, so with her final "fun gift" I attached the green one, and the ivory was their wedding card.
I'm throwing in this pic of my sister, Shelley, and I. We both loved this because people always say we don't look like sisters, and we do have different features. But we both agreed we DO look like sisters in this photo! We took it while getting pedis the day before her wedding. :) It's a keeper I think!
It's possible you may have spied these 2 cards before on the paper & ICE facebook page, a great place to keep you updated! I do sometimes peek things there that haven't been blogged yet. Check it out if you can :)

Have a wonderful day, hope you are sufficiently recovered from the holiday!
xo, Noelle


Katie Ann Brooks said...

These cards are stunning and I am sure she loves them both! You look very much like sisters AND best friends in this photo, love it!

Leslie Germain said...

Beautiful cards. I am sure your sister loved them!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous how beautiful they are! And you definitely look like sisters!