Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th 2013!

Happy 4th to all!  I have a summer card to show you today, as well as some things that I've wrangled up for the 4th around my place. We are having most of the family over here today, I'm really excited to see everyone, and my sister is visiting from CA, so that makes it extra special!

The first pretty I have for you is the centerpiece I made, had this idea here on my Ready Set SUMMER Pinterest board. The original link is here. Instead of arranging cut flowers, I got some petunias at Lowe's (red, white, and blue OF COURSE!) I arranged them on a slim rectangular platter and stuck several small flags into the pots. After the Fourth, I think I'll add these to my hanging basket on my porch, which is half dead already! ;)

Another Pinterest idea I found and knew I wanted to implement was this one, how brilliant to make the plate, napkin, and cutlery into one package! She has a bit more info on how she did hers, here. Here's my version. As it just happened, I had a giant amount of mismatched plastic silverware from years of entertaining. As such, I was able to do several of them with red white and blue cutlery! I have a giant roll of red baker's twine I bought years ago from Crate and Barrel, it is so handy with projects like these! The napkins are from Target, and the plates are Dixie brand from Costco. Here's pics of my version. :)

Here's a quick card I made for a recent call.... it seemed appropriate for the 4th, don't you agree? Hope you are grillin' and soaking up the sun today! 

My final new addition to this year's BBQ were these YUMMY Firecracker Ice Pops. I used frozen berries instead of fresh and put them in the food processor while still partially frozen. I used plain greek yogurt, with a bit of added honey. I made 25, and probably about doubled the amount of ingredients they show at the original source on Martha Stewart. Here's how mine looked. The boys and I taste tested them, and they were so yummy! I think I'll have to make them again!
I had a few more decor pieces I wanted to make up before the 4th, but today (the day I'm writing) is the 3rd, and I still have a lot to do around the house.... so we will see what gets done. Of course, the craft call is a bit stronger than that of the housework! haha! Have a Fabulous 4th! 

Hugs, Noelle

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

You've been so crafty and creative, Noelle! I love the flower pots! Hope that you and yours had a very Happy 4th of July! :D