Saturday, December 22, 2012

Outreach for Sandy Hook Elementary School

Hi all, I just wanted to share about the wonderful outreach that Amber from Damask Love is putting together to benefit the survivors from the Newtown, CT shooting. It has been so sad for me to think about all those kids and how they must be feeling this holiday season. Rebecca talked about this wonderful opportunity here at Amber is asking for supplies to put together craft kits for the students from Sandy Hook. However, if like me, you don't have any of those new supplies on hand, and the idea of making another shopping run and/or trip to the post office is exhausting, the outreach also accepts donations (through PayPal, you get a donation receipt), this is what I did, it took like 2 minutes, and then Amber can get excatly what she wants for the kits. Another option is to just send a handmade card. You know you might have a few of those hanging around! ;)

I also have heard of the Snowflake project for the school. The kids will come back after the Winter Break to a different building in a neighboring town, and the PTO wants to make the new school look like a Winter Wonderland. The snowflakes need to be there by January 12, so I think my kids and I will be making some of these after Christmas. :) I know my son's class made some already.

I just wanted to put this info out there, just in case you are feeling as helpless as we are this holiday season about the terrible loss that community and those families have suffered.

There are all things that crafty types like us can do easily.

Much love, Noelle

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