Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Not Easy Being QUEEN!

Hi all, this was just another birthday card I needed for the month of February. I thought I would give my friend some bubble bath as a gift, and this would be a cute card to go with it.
This card uses the stamp set "Bubble Therapy," and "Simply Said."  I also used the Celebration Toppers, and the (of course, because I seem to use them on EVERY card!) the Framed Up CutUps. 
I had only used Bubble Therapy one other time, and I knew I'd want to come back to it, I just hadn't figured out just what kind of card I wanted to make with it. This turned out fun, I'm normally not big on the color pink, but I really love this! :) I knew my friend does like pink, so that's why I started with the pink color scheme.
I added some Frosted Lace Stickles for bubbles and some rhinestones added some sparkle.

That's all for me today, friends! Hope you are doing well. :) 

xoxox, Noelle

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Katie Ann Brooks said...

no it isn't, I am telling you! ;) I love this and all the paper combos, gorgeous and fun!