Saturday, January 4, 2014

Changes for 2014

Dear readers, 

I hope you are enjoying 2014 so far, it is a blizzard outside here today, 8" of snow + and it's still coming! :)
I wanted to share with you some changes that will be affecting paper & ICE in the coming months.... As I mentioned earlier, I have taken a new job, it's still part time at this point, which is perfect, since I still have a kindergartener at home a full 3 days a week. Yes, he DOES have a weird schedule, I know! ;) 

The new job is particularly exciting for me, because I'll be working for a professional theater company for kids. For many years (I've been a stay home mom for over 12 years now) I have wondered when I would be able to go back to work, and when the time was right, what on earth I'd be qualified to do since my college degree is in theater directing. You know what they say about degrees like theater, and underwater basket weaving! ;)  As it turns out, all those whispers in my ear from God over these last few years saying "when the time is right" were very right on! I'm hugely grateful and excited to start a new venture in something that I love, with a professional company thats main goal is one that I share, keeping theater an accessible art form for kids. 
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It's been so great to see many of my crafty friends being added to more and more DT's.  I have decided, that for me, my current path is heading a different way.... I will **not** be looking to join any other DT's besides The Cat's Pajamas anytime soon. I'm really happy there, and the amount of projects I have for them is totally manageable, plus it's such a GREAT inspirational team! :) In addition to that, I will continue contributing for publication at CardMaker magazine. They have picked up 3 of my projects so far for 2014, and I am thrilled. It feels like a good fit to be submitting to their publication. They seem to dig my style, and I love the professionalism and kindness I've seen from the staff. Finally, you know I have cut back at Craft Storage Ideas, but I am still on the team, I will be occasionally posting (Contributor at Large?) for them this year too. Outside of that, I'm not looking to join any more DT's or add more crafting to my schedule. Of course, I'll still pop by with my decorating ideas and other things I'm working on. :) Plus, you can always find me on Pinterest and Facebook. I'll be here whenever I can be. :) 

To be honest, the last year has really found me feeling a bit more like a juggler than ever.... You have probably noticed that posts have been sporadic. I have been so busy between prepping for my next theater classes, magazine submissions, TCP, training for triathlon, church commitments, PTO, book group, and then there's that whole 3 kids/hubby/2 dogs thing, since technically I'm still a SAHM, too. For years I doubted my abilities in everything, athletics, crafting, theater, and more. Now, I'm so grateful to know that I CAN do the things I want to do! It's so freeing to realize I have the abilities, even if I don't have as much time as I'd like. 
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I guess the point to this very long post is that I'll be here when I can, but I'm going to stop apologizing for being sporadic. I'll see ya when I see ya, and I'm going to quit feeling bad about it. Overall I will have less posts this year. Also, I will be dropping some of the other things from the above list; I want to thrive in the areas I decide to commit to, and quit feeling like I'm missing the mark where I am investing my time and energy. As you know, when you spread the peanut butter on your sandwich too thin it loses is deliciousness! 
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Happy New Year, dear readers. I wish you all the best that 2014 has to offer. Whatever your goals, I hope you achieve them!  I'm looking forward to this year, as this ride we call "Life" just keeps getting better and better! :) 

xo, Noelle

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Lynn said...

Noelle, congratulations...what awesome, awesome news! I'm so thrilled for you!