Saturday, October 8, 2011

Headboard from a salvage door

Hi there!! FINALLY here is the home improvement project I've been teasing you with for the last few weeks! Sorry its taken me so long to get this posted... things have just been **CRAZY** around here. I've got to face that things always seem a bit crazy here, but lately, even worse than normal! I've been relocating Ev's playroom to our unfinished basement, and reorganizing a corner of my craft room, since a friend of mine gave be a gorgeous, wood, 4 drawer vertical filing cabinet for all my 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock. Also, I'm doing a prompt for another blog, and last night I gave a stamping demo at a scrapbooking night. Super fun & I got to meet some great people! But, anyway, CRAZY, and the boys are home on Fall Break right now, too.... So, as you can imagine, that really doesn't lend itself to productivity! LOL....

Ok, so, this project has been in the making for a good long while. I saw this idea in some DIY home improvement magazine YEARS ago... Then, a couple years back, we upgraded to a king sized bed, and our queen sized headboard didn't work anymore. And, THEN I bought this old door at a Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement Outlet for 12$ about a year ago.... and... in my garage it sat.... Here's what it looked like BEFORE my little makeover.

Because my bed is a king size, and the measurements were taped on the door, I knew I didn't have to cut my door down at all, but you should always measure first! :) If you do need to cut your door down for this project, make sure you cut some off of each end so it looks "even," particularly if you have evenly spaced panels like I did.

So, a couple coats of dark taupe paint... a coat of lighter taupe paint mixed with glaze and dry brushed on... a 1" thick long board cut to fit along the top, and a piece of trim, to go around the edges of the board... and voila'!! You have a fabby new headboard, on the cheap! I estimate this project cost me around 60$, but could have been lower had I only purchased quarts of paint instead of gallons, or only used a single paint color. I bought gallon cans of the 2 colors, because I am also painting my old tag sale dresser to match! It's sort of a goldy beige shade now. That color worked well in our old house, but since we painted the walls of our master bedroom green in this house, I think the taupe will be nicer. Besides, I want it to match my headboard!! :) Well, that is it for me today, off to do laundry & get going on my colourQ page for this week! :) Have a stellar weekend!

hugs, Noelle


Annette said...

You go it

Kara said...

yay!! i can comment!! love this project! it came out so beautifully!!

Sandy Ang said...

What a unique idea ! Love it