Monday, May 24, 2010

Paper Charms

Hi there! Hope everyone is doing well today! We had a very fun & very busy weekend. 2 soccer games, 1 baseball game, a baby shower, and a soccer party! Whew! It was so fun & can I say, I'm secretly glad it's Monday & I have nowhere to go!! :) These are some little paper charms I made last week, they are SUPER simple and inexpensive to make. I'm not sure yet if I'll use them on a card or make a charm keychain or something like that. First, you pick up your charm "blanks." They are usually used for making photo charm bracelets, I got these at Michaels and they were just a few dollars for a set of 3 blanks. Then you cut your paper to fit the blank & insert it. Then you fill up the blank with a dimensional glaze. I use Stampin' Up! Crystal Effects, but any brand will do. Just make sure there are no air bubbles (pop with a pin if there are). and let dry. It will take several hours to fully harden. These particular charms had some holes in the back, so some of the glaze leaked out of the back, I just kept moving them around on my plastic mat so they wouldn't be cemented to it! The lower of the 2 charms has a little punched flower on it, SO cute from Stampin' Up! called Itty Bitty Punch Pack, teeny tiny little punches:) I'm going to try and get to that SFYTT challenge later, so hopefully I'll have get a card made today. Also, I'm working on getting this page fancied up a bit. I'm no graphic artist, but I want it to be prettier, so bear with me as this page is under construction ;) Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!

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