Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Kid Birthday Cards

Hey all! So, last weekend, Ev needed a couple birthday cards for parties he's been invited to... I swear, this kid has been to more birthday parties in the last year than I've been to in my whole life! LOL, he's just such a social little beast, that I hate to say no, when he enjoys them so much! Anyhow.... I made 2 cards that were similar to these, almost identical, though I did personalize them with the boys names. I forgot to photograph them before I put them in the envelopes, though! Whoops! But, the cards came out so quick and easy, and I started thinking how I always, I mean ALWAYS need kid birthday cards, usually boy ones. And I thought I'd whip up a few more. I ended up getting all these done in about 30 minutes; plus I used loads of scraps and old papers to make them. Even the shaped paper clips are really old! Anyway, it felt so good to use up old stuff, and scraps; plus get a bunch of cards done that I will really use! :) I did use the April 2012 SFYTT, which turned out to be a quick and easy sketch to use for these cards!! :)

and here are photos of all the rest of the cards:

That's all for me! have a stellar day!! :)

xoxo, Noelle

supply list: stamps: Unity & PTI; papers: K&Company, MME, and scraps

DUST IT OFF! Challenge yourself to use old papers and scraps to make several quick, needed cards! Throw on some old paper clips, and you'll feel so good to use up your old things! :)

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Silke Ledlow said...

Noelle, these are super fun birthday cards :) !!! Hugs ~S~