Thursday, December 25, 2014

"Church Key" bottle opener mini holiday gifts/gift card holders

Merry Christmas! So glad to see you all today! Today is also my 40th birthday-wow! I can hardly believe it, but I am so excited to see what the next decade will bring! :)
One of my greatest blessings in life, are my amazing friends. I really have been blessed in my 30s to learn the value of true friendship, and to have a tight circle of amazing, loving, and supportive women that I respect and love! There is one group of friends in particular, we get together weekly and have some girl time.

One of the jokes in the group is that a bottle opener is called a "church key" which I'd never heard before. My friend Donna is originally from the East Coast, I wonder if that's where the term comes from! Anyhow, I thought it would be cute to personalize a "church key" for each lady as part of their holiday gift.

I made tags for each one with Key Phrases stamps, Key To My Heart CutUps, and a few other TCP items. Then I decorated each opener with some washi tape and tied the tag to them.

I also had ONE MORE holiday gift packaging idea I wanted to share. I made all these things, then never got around to blogging them, so I am cramming them all in under the wire! Ha!

You might have seen I had a pretty gift card holder on CardMaker blog last week.

I made another in brighter colors for another gift card I had to give, the cut file to make this is here.

Love these fun papers! These are old ones, the colors are non-traditional and SO cool, I think these are from Crate Paper.

I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! big hugs to all my blog friends!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I guess VA is considered the East. We called those kind of openers "church keys" because they wouldn't open beer cans/bottles. (That's what my mom always told me!)