Sunday, June 16, 2013

Say "Happy Father's Day" with 3 different cards!

Hi all! thought I'd peek ya a couple of good ol' FD cards today! Seemed appropriate since it is Father's Day and all.... ;) these were cards that weren't picked up for publication, but that is all good, they were for two different past PC Mag calls....  I think I made the ruler one last Fall.

Sent this one to my Dad....

Gave this one to my stepdad......

This one went to my FIL with a "Happy Father's Day" sentiment stamped inside. Seemed appropriate even though it wasn't actually a "Father's Day" specific card.

Hubby got this card from before, I lost it and never ended up giving it to him, then found it again, and today just felt like the perfect time to actually give it to him!  :) My sons and I ordered him a biking jersey and gloves for a gift. I hope he likes them.

have a fabulous Father's day and give some love to all the Dads in your world!

xo, Noelle

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Katie Ann Brooks said...

These are all super cute! The first one is my superfave with those glasses! LOVE!